In September 2018, Alex, at 85 years and 291 days,  became the oldest to cycle from Lands End to John o’Groats according to Guinness World Records

The the ride took place between the 8th and 25th of September 2018, 17 days in the saddle, supported by CTC Cycling Holidays.


How Did the The Challenge arise?

Alex cycled LEJoG in 2016, and speculated during the trip that there probably were not many people of his age that had completed the route. On completing the route, he looked up the Guinness World Record for Oldest to Cycle LEJoG and realised he was indeed older than the current record holder. Unfortunately he did not collect the right evidence during his  2016 cycle to apply for the record, so he simply said “Well I’ll have to do it again!”

Find out more about the rules here

Alex is not cycling LEJoG to raise money for a charity, but cycling for his own well being. He’s an active 85 year old and believes that exercise is key to keeping mind and body healthy, and vows he won’t stop cycling until he can no longer get on a bike!