Another Last Blog on LEJoG

We (The Royal We) have now submitted The Application to Guinness World Records – a lot of work for grandson Rob, thanks a zillion, Rob – and in his words “now we wait”. The standard time for a response is 12 weeks, unless the applicant opts for a rapid, 5 day, response at some cost of which I didn’t enquire. Whether Donald Wells, the 87 year old compleater, has put in an Application we don’t know. However, the current recorder holder on the GWR web site is still Tony Rathbone, of Keswick, at 81 years young. I looked at the 2019 Guinness Book of Records the other day but this particular record I couldn’t find in the the “Oldest” section. Very understandable, I think. The complexity of the Guinness Record system is byzantine – a bit like the application evidence document! – so to include everything would need a very large book.

So, stand by, all my readers and supporters. All will be revealed as soon as we know. A word about all those who have contacted us so far and contributed to the Facebook page. Many thanks for all the support. Some very thoughtful words received with pleasure. One motive for all this stuff, as I intimated in the beginning pompous philosophy section, was to flush out some of those anonymous 60, 70, 80, even 90 (?) year olds on their bikes week in and week out, doing amazing things and just getting on with it, without thinking about publicity, fame and ego, unlike me. Chris Ellison, the CTC LEJoG Tour leader, told me that when he did the tour using hostels, years ago, there were lots of old geezers doing LEJoG. Maybe just retired or recently bereaved and inspired to do something with a challenge. On the led tours I have done this year alone, I have met some inspiring 70++ year olds, turning in amazing performances going from France North to South and Dover to Durness. In Darlington Cycling Club there are some extremely fit 70++ year olds, burning the rubber up the climbs. One of our 70 year old members, the Amazing Mal, this year cycled across North America, 4,000+ miles, two months in the saddle! Nil Illigitimus Carborundum, guys and girls. We can do it!

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