Day 13, Thursday, September 20th, 2018

As I explained in yesterday’s blog entry, I brought my rest day forward one day and spent the Storm Day at my son’s house in Kirkpatrick Durham. We – Ali, Jamie and I – left KPD early, to arrive at Abington Days Inn, at the M74 Services there, for soon after 8 am. After statutory pictures and laughs, we set off for Stirling. What a splendid day we had! Sunny but chilly (legwarmers and big gloves deployed) with a SW wind ie following and pushing us along. Lots of the time I was in top gear and pedalling at a cadence even Miff Anderson (a senior Darlington Cycling Club member) would have approved; must have been doing 30++ kph for long stretches. Not many climbs, and all much less steep than those up to this point. Consequently, we arrived at the first cafe stop in Carnwath, The Apple Pie, at 0945. Splendid views all round and the wind turbines – of which there are a great many in this part of Scotland – spinning merrily. Not as yesterday when all the turbines were feathered and still in the excessively high winds. On at high speed, ably supported by Ali, to the Schotts Transport caff, to be regaled by tales of The Group wringing water from every vestment yesterday. On again, enjoying ourselves no end, shouting in delight at the views and roads, to arrive at Falkirk Wheel at 1400-ish, to see three familiar bikes – Peter, John and Phillip were tourists visiting the Kelpies and then The Wheel. We joined them for afternoon tea and then rode into Stirling together, to arrive at 1500 hours! What an excellent, splendid, enjoyable day, marred only by Ruth not being with us. (We are plotting more things to do next year, Ruth, and one of them must be a ride with you and Jamie).

One thought on “Day 13, Thursday, September 20th, 2018

  1. Wonderful to read your progress Alex, not only a cycling legend, but becoming a techie too! Hope the weather stays kind, and keep updating us with your progress! Best wishes from Shirley ( one of the sat am crew) x


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