Day 12, Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Today was the day of the extreme storm, Ali, which covered all of central Scotland with winds up to 70 mph and heavy rain. For various reasons, I opted not to ride today, but to treat it as the rest day, which should have been in Stirling after riding there from Abington. Instead, my son (whose short name is Ali!) picked me, bag and bike up at Abington and conveyed me to stay at his house in Kirkpatrick Durham, near Castle Douglas. He will take me and my grandson, Jamie, to Abington early tomorrow morning and we will ride to Stirling supported by him. On reaching Stirling I will stay overnight and re-join the group for the rest of the journey to John o Groats. (My grandson Jamie and his partner Ruth were to have accompanied me from Abington to Stirling today but . . . . . ).

The rest of the group carried on with the ride, despite the drastic conditions. We saw them at Carnwath and they were determined to reach Stirling. Having experienced the roads from inside a car, with deep floods, debris and fallen branches littered everywhere, my admiration for their bravery, cycling skill and fortitude knows no bounds. Chris is also to be congratulated for his determination to support them, following in the van. A later call brought the news they were past or at Falkirk and would complete the route shortly. Susan, Martin, Rick, Peter, Phillip, John and Chris you are heroes all.

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