Day 8, Saturday, September 15th, 2018

We are deep in the Derbyshire Dales now and cycled from Bakewell to Outlane, near Huddersfield. This was a shortish ride, 75 km, but with lots of brutal climbs, particularly over The Strines Moor (total climb 1489 metres). This route was/is used for the Tour de France and the Tour de Yorkshire, so the surface is immaculate. Perfect, smooth tarmac and new white lines. Super. Why can’t all roads be like this? Notable sights – Monsal Head, with views of a deep dale with viaduct; Ladybower Reservoir, famously used for the Dam Busters Bouncing Bomb practice. Weather ok again, coolish and overcast to start with, then a short period of misty drizzle, blossoming into blue skies and sunshine. Called for morning coffee at a community pub and post office at Bamford. Then the big ups and downs of the moor, arriving at Bank View Cafe, painted with red dots, like the Tour de France King of the Mountains shirt. The ride from here was a delight, with expansive views and enjoyable climbs – yes, some are when you have them in the palm of your hand and don’t let them dominate you!  The final climb out of Huddersfield to Outlane went on a bit but was not unenjoyable, knowing the hotel was near. Arrived at the Old Golf House Hotel soon after 1500 hours.

Correction on the mechanical yesterday: – the crank had not broken, which sounds pretty impossible but maybe not on this trip, but the nut holding the chain wheels on. Still sounds a crazy type of failure. I have a photo of the broken nut to prove it.

4 thoughts on “Day 8, Saturday, September 15th, 2018

  1. Good to read your blog Alex. Bettie and I are following from Spain. I also hope the bike is still going well. You had me worried with news of mechanical problems, yesterday I though I was going to get the sack. John/Fred


  2. A pity we missed you by 2 days – we passed through Appleby yesterday on tandem from Middleton in T.Fantastic progress you’re making. Hope to see you next week further north.BB, KB


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