Day 5, Wednesday, 12th September, 2018

Today’s route – Weston Super Mare to Ross-on-Wye, via the Severn Suspension Bridge. After a tour of a housing estate in north WsM, we set off on busy roads to start with, gradually out into lovely countryside. The big objective was the Bridge. To get there, we had to sample the tourist delights of Portishead and Avonmouth plus undergraduate level Garmin navigation problems. The cycle path over the Avon motorway bridge was noisy and long. Stopped halfway over for photos and video. Onward to the next bridge, the original Severn Suspension Bridge, which I watched being built in the early 1960’s from my office at Oldbury Power Station. Memories flooded back on reaching the middle of the bridge and seeing the Station in the distance. A few photos and stuff before pressing on to Chepstow for sustainance. It had been a long morning and a rest was welcome. The afternoon “half” of the ride was lovely – weather improving, pleasant countryside, blue skies, windproof discarded. Another great ride to the Premier Inn just past Ross-on-Wye. 108km covered and 1,181 metres climbed.

Yet another potentially show-stopping mechanical today. Phillip’s replacement bike had somehow lost a nut from the rear wheel securing bolt. Not an ordinary skewer, as on my bike, but a bolt through the wheel and two holes in the frame. Very similar to the method on my daughter Jen’s Ribble Sportiva. Amazingly Chris and he were able to find a bike shop with one in stock! (Normal delivery quoted – October!!). So Phillip was back on the road at the Severn Bridge having lost only a few hours of biking.

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