Sunday, Sept 9th, 2018. Lostwithiel

Another superb cycling day in warm sunshine. A short day – only 46 miles or 65 km ish. Left Redruth at 0915 and arrived at 1515.  I rode with the same four guys as yesterday, Phillip, John and Peter. I knew Peter from another tour – Manche (Ouistreham) to Med (Montpellier); he’s from York and . a great guy to cycle with. We are all about the same speed and get on well. Hope we stay together some more. One can never tell about these things; it happens as it happens. My room-mate is John and he is a very pleasant guy.  (see photo with yesterday’s Blog).

Some very bad news today. One member of our party of 8 crashed and broke his arm. It is so sad because he was ill and wanted to do this ride while he was able. He is in Truro hospital and we are waiting for more news. We thought it was odd we had not seen Chris all day, ushering us along as he usually does, meeting us at cafes and so on. Now we know why.

I’ve been having more thoughts about the drafting business, trying to formulate the anti-drafting rule a bit better and mayby suggest it to,  GWR. something like this. No Drafting Rule: Drafting is defined as gaining an advantage and being assisted by following closely behind a vehicle or another cyclist, which reduces wind resistance by at least 30%.  This is not allowed; 5 clear bike lengths must be observed. However, there are circumstances when riding nearer to a vehicle or another cyclist is unavoidable These are 1) Climbing a hill more than, say, 3% or 4%, when each cyclist must adopt his/her own gear ratios and rhythm; the rule can then be dropped. 2) At road junctions and traffic lights, when everyone closes up and has to cross/move off when circumstances permit. 3) In urban situations with heavy and intermittently stopping traffic. In these three cases the rule can be dropped. At all other times – normal group riding or on downhll sections the “5 clear bike lengths”rule is sacrosanct. I would appreciate some comments on this formulation by experienced group cyclists. 

Photo evidence. After yesterday’s experience, I am trying to keep the Garmin and the iPhone connected to a battery to keep them charged up. Easy in dry conditions, not so easy in hoying rain all day. Also, I took far too much GoPro video yesterday and the sd card was filling up too rapidly. I am now going to take just very short GoPro videos, probably mostly hand-held, of interesting signs and places. Experience will refine the techniques, I guess.

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