8th September, 2018, at Penventon Park Hotel, Redruth

Another good day cycling from the hotel to Land’s End and back, 103.3 km total, so 52 km or about 30 miles made good. The exact milages will be on the Garmin and Strava. Weather very good in the main, just a wee mizzly shower near Land’s End. So the journey has actually begun and distance from LE will now start accumulating. There were four of us in the group, so it was my first experience of trying to keep 5 cycle lengths from the rider in front. Also, another day of managing the recording electronics. It is all adding a lot of extra work and stress to the enterprise.

Electronics: I have a multi channel USB charging system to service Garmin, Phone, GoPro video camera and 2 batteries to keep them going through the day. The Garmin runs through the battery on a reasonable day because the screen is in use for navigation. All the GPX files are loaded for each days’ ride, so I have to remember to load the correct course and start the Garmin at the begininning. I’m doing Strava as well as a backup and an immediately available report on progress; this also has to be started up and stashed away. (This morning I only remembered when well out of Redruth, so the distance is about 10km short. Its all on the Garmin.) The phone also eats battery through the day, with Strava, videos and pictures, so I have to keep an eye on the charge level. Then in the evening all the whole caboudle has to be charged up ready for the morning. Add to this having to ask people to sign witness statements to prove I’ve been there and write a log book up at night and it’s harder than being at work.  What happens if the charging cables fail (which they do sometimes) heaven alone knows.

My family will recognise this as one of my periodic rants against the slings and arrows. I reserve the right to have a rant when required. The whole business of providing the proofs required by the Rules (see Rules section of this website) is frankly a pain in the tender parts. This was supposed to be for enjoyment for goodess sake!

The bike is performing well and the gear ratios have been ok so far. I have had one “chain off” but I think that was my incompetence. As for the drafting rule (5 cycles lengths gap), this is proving really difficult in a group. The natural instinct is to close up in a peleton but this must not happen. Three or four lengths is not too bad but 5 is really hard – you try it!  In any case, in heavy traffic and congestion in towns it is impossible and impractical. It is easy to see the reason why this rule came about but to do it will take practice. So, I am trying really hard to stick to the 5 bike lengths rule and certainly observing the spirit of the Rule. There are cases when it can’t be done – at traffic lights, for example, you will just be left for dead. I would welcome the comments of any experienced cyclist reading this who has tried to apply the Rule on the road.

One thought on “8th September, 2018, at Penventon Park Hotel, Redruth

  1. Well I’m not an experienced cyclist, but as an experienced grandson I’d say "if it was easy every 85 year old would be doing it! Dig in and get on with it, evidence an’ all!!"


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